The Concept

Welcome to The Dream Voice - sing for smiles, brought to you by Vibha, an international volunteer led organization that's synonymous with the intellectual development of children world over. This could be your ticket to stardom! Contestants can enter by submitting their entries online to be judged by renowned musicians around the world!

The winners in each category will be chosen from the top 30 finalists in a Grand Finale event, results of which will be announced live online! The winner will get a once in a lifetime opportunity to chat with a celebrity singer or collaborate with them.

Remember all the proceeds benefit a noble cause – supporting children in Vibha projects affected by the deadly Covid-19 pandemic that has devastated so many families!


A. Western 

1. Little Champ - Upto 13 yrs

2. Junior Champ - 14 to 20 yrs

3. Super Champs - 21 yrs and above

B. Indian

1. Little Champ - Upto 13 yrs

2. Junior Champ - 14 to 20 yrs

3. Super Champs - 21 yrs and above


Western or Indian Movie song


Prelim (2 minutes) Mar 22nd - May 2nd

Final Round (Top 30 from all categories) May Second Week

Grand Finale - Facebook Live Event 


$20 (Overseas) / INR 499 (India) 

(Good for one year education of a child)

How to Participate

1.  Signup with US $20 Fee/donation

    2. For preliminary round – upload link maximum 2 minutes long an unedited, no karaoke or instruments track video clip.

      (Entries will be disqualified if they do not adhere to the rules.)

   3. Final round – participants in this round will upload link maximum 4 minutes long an unedited video clip with karaoke track in the given platform.

    4.  Audience poll - $1 a vote in both preliminary and final round. Invite friends, families to vote to win Audience’s choice


              “Participants are encouraged to create a pledge page to donate to Vibha.”


Plaques, Certificates signed by Shankar Mahadevan Academy / Little Musicians Academy 

Opportunity to speak directly with a celebrity singer associated either with Shankar Mahadevan Academy / Little Musicians Academy



Top Entries

Avni Polisetty


Mayank Pazare


Lalita Wadhwa


Sriharsha sharma Duddilla


Gowri Villupuram sundararaman


Srimayi Kukkadapu




About Vibha

Vibha is a volunteer-driven social catalyst that seeds, grows and scales solutions to systemic problems that impact quality of public education.

Vision: Ensure that every child attains his or her right to quality public education

Mission: Drive excellence in Public Education by enabling scalable solutions that deliver quality education

Key Facts

 Established In 1991

 $18.5+ Million raised & deployed.

 2+ Million children supported.

 2000+ volunteers, 10 full time staff.

 250+ Solutions supported.

 35+ Corporate Partners

 Seed, Scale, Grow solutions

  Partnerships with 3 State Governments

Key Facts: Transform Quality of public education by scaling proven models of motivation, learning, training & technology.

SEED potentially scalable & sustainable solutions that improve the quality of public education.

GROW solutions that demonstrate scalability and replicability in improving quality of public education.

SCALE impactful solutions through government and private partnerships to impact at large scale.

Our six replicable and scalable programs

  Motivation Program

Improve Attendance & Graduation

3M+ Students

50,000 Schools

5 States in India (Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu)

Remedial Program

Focus on those left behind academically.

2,970 Students

44 Schools

1 State in India (Madhya Pradesh)

Numerical Literacy

Improve Math skills

1.7M+ Students

51,300 Teachers

48,000 Schools

2 states in India (Karnataka and pilot in Odisha)

Professional Development

Teacher Training & Motivation

90,600 Students

4,090 teachers

3,600 Students

7 States in India (Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, UP, Haryana, Gujarat, Odisha, Rajasthan)



Access to technology & digital learning platform

500,000 Students

17,000 Teachers

12,000 Schools

4 States in India (Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan) & 3 cities in USA (Atlanta, Boston, Chicago)

English & Local Language Literacy

  Language (reading & writing) proficiency.

500,000 Students

17,000 Teachers

12,000 Schools

4 States in India (Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan)

Collaborate with Vibha

Become a volunteer

  Volunteers are the backbone of Vibha. Join a Vibha action center in your city or

volunteer online. Start a school and college chapter of Vibha.

Propose an Idea

  Social Entrepreneurs can propose novel ideas that further Vibha’s mission in exchange

for knowledge, expertise, support, and capital. Send us your proposals at

Become a Corporate Sponsor

  Scale successful solutions through Vibha’s established and customized CSR

Offerings. These programs are audited, metrics driven, and field-visit led, making the

process smooth and transparent.

Donate to our Campaign

You can make a direct impact in the lives of underprivileged children by

fundraising or donating to our education campaign at


Partner with us to educate and transform 10M children’s lives in the next 5 years.